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My Story

Hi I'm Melanie, Wife and Mum of 2 beautiful children. 

Thank you for stopping by my page. So you would like to know my story? 

As they all say, Scentsy is addictive. That's where my story starts.

I was at a Market in a small town one day and came across a Scentsy Consultant attending. Purchased my first Scentsy Bar which was Luna and couldn't wait to try it when I got home. I'm a true believer that Scentsy definitely does sell itself as the fragrance from the warmer and bars was magical. Once I began using my warmer and Luna Bar, I was hooked and couldn't wait to try all the other fragrances in their range. But upon further investigating, i discovered that not only were most fragrances available in the bars, but also the other products they had to offer, scent circles, room sprays and laundry products. 

Being a Home Mum, we always try to keep our home nice, clean and smelling amazing. Well Scentsy got a big tick for that! I looked at the oppurtunities available that Scentsy had to offer considering I fell in love with the products, but also the help of my Sponsor and Friend Chelle & Kaylee, to encourgage, support and sign me up.  From July 2015, I joined and haven't look back since. 

Each day is a fabulous once, meeting new people but also speaking with the Scentsy family about their experiences aswell. The great assistance from fellow consultants has been incredible and a huge asset to help me where I am today. 

Over the last year and half I have grown my team which includes fabulous bunch of ladies working their business but also earnt 2 all expenses paid incentive trips to Singapore and Port Douglas. Scentsy offers amazing incentives along with monthly personal goals. 

If you would like to discuss about how awesome it would be to join my Scentsy Team and family, to booking your next party or you may have a question regarding the fabulous product range, please feel free contact via the above Contact Tab or find me at 


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